Monday, January 24, 2011

To God be the Glory

I need a place to write. I get awfully thoughtful towards the close of a day, and feel the need to create a place to express myself. I'm not writing to be read. I'm writing to write. I like to journal, but I get too self conscience about my handwriting and about my spelling to make much of a habbit of it, and ultimately, my hand-written words can't keep up with the thoughts in my head. I type much faster than I write, and as an added bonus, blog spot has spell check. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, journal/or blog, but tonight is the first time I seriously considered what I'd call it so, I decided to sieze the day and do it. Come to find out, most of the titles I had concocted were unavailable. But, I really wanted to use the word "muse" in my title, because that is exactly what I intend to use my blog to do.You see, I'm crafty, but not enough to share my ideas. I like to bake/cook, when I have time, but I don't feel I'm experienced enough to share the imperfect method with which I do it. Besides, most of the things I make are from other peoples kitchen's anyway. Oh, and I would love to be a photographer some day, but this is not that day- so I don't plan to share pictures on here that do anything more than illustrate a point. However, I do fancy myself a poet, and maybe I'll share a line or two. Ultimately I desire to do with this blog the same thing I desire to do in every other facett of my life- and that is to glorify God. If at any point I take glory for myself- I will and should be stopped. I tire of people that toil and spin to get comments, reactions, and followers. Though I do not know their hearts, and I do not wish to judge them, I often wonder if the persuit of such things comes out of a desire for approval and acclaim. No, not a desire, a need. It has become evident to me in my short life that these things do not satisfy for long, and were not meant to. The only approval, the only love, that can fill a vacume as big as the one we humans carry around inside is God. Our creator. It's awesome to me though that He, as a creator, takes joy when we're creative. So, to those that blog, and post creative things they've done and ideas they've had and beautiful pictures they've taken, may you all be doing it for the Creator, and may I begin to do the same. To God be the Glory... I think that's what I'll title this maiden post.